The client had been searching for a RP-QARA Manager within the Life Sciences sector for 9 months, they had been unable to fill it and had exhausted all current agencies and relevant hiring avenues.


We used a combination of contingent search with headhunting, networking and referrals.

Challenges Faced

Our client had passed this roe out to 5 different agencies so far making the role saturated in the market. The hiring managers though were very keen to work with us because of our success rate through the process that we could put in place and as well as our proven track record in candidate selection.
If this challenge wasn’t enough the skill set, they were looking for was very niche and something we identified as a real skill gap in the market. Therefore, when we found good a candidate, we needed to move quickly because they would be off the market in a short space of time.


Due to the specialisms that Torque Consulting has and the development our consultants go through to become true experts in recruitment and the industry sector, we were able to add real value for client. We designed and implemented a plan to help streamline our client’s processes in order to reduce their candidate loss rate. We also helped them identify and understand where flexibility could be gained in their vacancy profile by presenting our clear market and skill gap analysis. Through our delivery agreements, 2 stage interview process, and 360 degree referencing, we were able to speed up the recruitment and reduce workload for our client.


We successfully placed the role with 3 weeks. Comparatively their other agencies have had the role for 9 months prior. The managers were extremely happy with the service and quality we delivered. Due to the proven value we added, our client agreed to Terms of Business with Torque Consulting and gave us Supplier Status.

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