The client in this case is a market leading manufacturer withing the Subsea and Oil and Gas sector and they required a Proposals Engineer as they had a huge influx in interest from clients. Our client had been looking of 6 months and had interviews over 45 applicants.


To develop a turn-key recruitment process that streamlines the time managers use up in the hiring process while ensuring we hire the right candidate, every time.

Challenges Faced

As this was a client we had not previously worked with, we had to assess and review the current hiring process to understand where to start. We did this by getting on site and spending the day with the client to see how they work and how this person would fit into the business and reviewed the applications that they had received already.

We noticed that the candidates that had been sent previously had not been from an engineering background and been from a sales pedigree. After assessing the way the client was set up we just knew that wouldn’t work.


Firstly we sat down again with all managers involved to re look at the original job spec and all agreed on what key skills the business truly required.

Secondly we used our video interview technology to create introduction videos of each candidate in order to reduce the time spent by managers interviewing.

Lastly we booked all final interviews on the same day and again went on site and managed the interview process allowing an efficient day of interviews.


The correct candidate was placed just 3 weeks after the initial contact and that candidate has now progressed through the business and is Head of Sales.

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