Need some convincing? Here's what we do for you:

Up Front

We deal in facts, we’ll manage your expectations and always give you the reality whilst maintaining an impartial stance at all times. This is your career, not a fee on the board!


Confidentiality is paramount, therefore everything you tell us goes no further (loose lips sink ships).

We Listen

We listen to understand, to consult and to act as a career coach/mentor. After all we are here to add value and will always offer sound impartial advice.


We won’t pester you with an abundance of phone calls and emails at inconvenient times. Nor will we call you at work once we have your personal contact details.


Your CV will not leave our presence without your consent, and it’ll only go to the businesses we agree during the self-selection process when we meet.

Always Here

We are always available to chat, when it’s convenient for YOU. That means we are up early, work late and even work during our weekends but we do it because we care, not because we must.


We won’t take references from your current employer until you give us the green light.


We’ll contact you with honest and detailed feedback from every client interview within 48 hours (no smoke and mirrors).


We love our brand and what our reputation stands for, so we ask everyone for a testimonial, head to Glass Door to see what people say about us.

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