Our client is a world leader within the Oil & Gas industry, providing world class services to over 160 countries around the world. They were finding difficult to find the time to recruit while achieving customer deadlines. They asked Torque Consulting to pitch for an MSP service following a referral from a supplier to this client we already worked with.


To develop a turn-key recruitment process that streamlines the time managers use up in the hiring process while ensuring we hire the right candidate, every time.

Challenges Faced

As this was a client we had not previously worked with, we had to assess and review the current hiring process to understand where to start.
We noticed a long, drawn out interview process that was costing extensive time and resources. Also due to the level of activity in the company, managers could not plan on a week-by-week basis as to their availability to interview and this meant it was rushed and didn’t give much of a window to candidates.
Lastly, the client had a clear necessity for the vacancies they had due to lack of skill sets and current workload on the staff within the business.


Firstly, we reduced the interview process down to 2 stages. This ensured that candidates engagement increased while ensuring all basis were covered. This reduced the time managers we spending on interviewing by 33%.
Secondly, we established ‘interview block outs’ in the hiring managers diaries, this allowed us to book back-to-back interviews and ensure the mangers got the most out of the interviews. This also reduced time to hire by not having large gaps between interviews. We managed the interview on site and gave real time feedback to both clients and candidates so that a decision could be made on the day.
Lastly, by ensuring the process was streamlined and hiring times reduced we would be able to relieve pressure on the workload by securing the correct talent for the business in key skill gap areas.


We successfully placed 5 of the most urgent vacancies inside 4 weeks for the business with the remaining 10 vacancies been filled over the next 10 weeks. All in the client had 15 of the most urgent requirements filled in 14 weeks with time spend recruiting reduced by a total of 41.5% comparably.

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